A Battle of Brawn and Brains
A Fantasy of Epic Proportion


Vancouver’s Summer Fantasy Tournament

Do you have what it takes to earn the belt?

(Yes, there will be a belt!)

On August 10th, join us at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, BC for a day of epic match-up’s, throw-down’s, and sand in places we’d rather not discuss.

Early-bird registration is only $20 and ends June 10th, 2019!

Important dates:

  • May 17: Early-bird registration ($20) and General Manager (GM) applications open

  • June 10: Early-bird registration ends and regular registration begins ($25)

  • July 11: Regular registration and GM applications close

  • July 20: GM’s announced

  • July 24-31: Draft dates (there will be a live stream!)

  • August 10: BC Brawl Fantasy Tournament!

What is a Fantasy Tournament?

Fantasy tournaments are an all-day event where players from all over come together and play a tournament. All skill levels are encouraged to play, especially new players. Practices are one thing, tournaments are a whole other experience!

Sign up is your first step to attending BC Brawl. You’ll provide your name, email, and gender as a start. We ask for your experience, strengths, weaknesses, and your preferred position of play so that when the General Managers (GM’s; the players that will be picking teams) can place you in the best team for you to succeed. We like to do after-party’s so indicate your preference there as well!

Drafting is when the GM’s pick teams. Each of the GM’s pick in a “fantasy”-style draft. If we have 6 GM’s, the order of pick will go: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> 2… until everyone is on a team. We’ll be live-streaming the drafting process for added drama!

Team groups will be formed by your GM before the tournament. Here you can talk strategy, decide on jerseys (your GM will have picked a color ahead of time), and figure where you’re going to celebrate after. Remember, these will be your teammates for BC Brawl so get to know them!

Tournament day is when all of the teams clash and fight for the prized BC Brawl Belt (yes, there actually will be a belt). Dependent on the number of teams, each team will play everyone else once in a round-robin before moving to a knock-out round. There are lots of games to play so don’t worry about getting knocked out early, it just means you get more beach time!

New to quidditch?

Come join us at any one of our practices, they are open for everyone! Check out Events for upcoming practice times and locations. Let us know ahead of time that you’re coming by filling out our Contact form. We’ll get you prepared for a day of fun in the sun!


Event Details


Jericho Turf West
1598 Discovery Street
Vancouver, BC
V6R 4K5


August 10th, 2019
10 AM - 6 PM*

*Start and end time may change.


Please register for BC Brawl below. Once your form is submitted, you will be directed to a PayPal link for the registration fee of $20 ($25 after June 10th, 2019). You are not registered until you have both filled out the form AND payed.

What is your name? *
What is your name?
What is your gender? *
Quidditch is a multi-gendered sport: you are allowed at maximum 50% + 1 players of the same gender. This lets the GM's divide up the teams the best way possible.
How long have you been playing qudditch? *
What primary position are you wanting to play? *
This can be different from the position you normally play.
What secondary position are you wanting to play? *
Mark "None" if you have no desire to play a secondary position.
Are you interested in an afterparty? *
Check all that apply.
Are you interested in free/low-cost boarding for the weekend? *
There are no guarantees about housing availability. If we do have space, priority will go to those travelling longer distances.
Are you interested in being a GM? *
The GM Application link is found underneath the PayPal button after you submit your registration.
Payment *
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