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Conditioning Practice

  • Connaught Park 2390 W 10th Ave Vancouver, BC, V6K 4K9 Canada (map)

Turn up the Intensity!

If you are thinking that quidditch is your type of sport, are thinking of just giving it a try, or are looking for your next team to play for: all of our practices are open for anyone to attend. Bring a pair of athletic shoes (cleats if you have them) and a bottle of water. We will provide the rest!

Quick heads-up to future Storm Crows: Our Wednesday practices are generally tailored to our more experienced players. Feel free to attend of you’re ready to give quidditch a go (or give the team a try if you’ve played before), but it will be a much quicker introduction than our Sunday practices!

Come join us at any one of our practices, they are open for everyone! Check out Events for upcoming practice times and locations. Let us know ahead of time that you’re coming by filling out our Contact form.

What Happens at a Practice?

At a regular Storm Crows practice, we have four main focus areas: warm-ups, drills, game scenarios, and scrimmages. For our Wednesday practices, we add in a fifth area: physical conditioning.

Warming up is important for any type of athletic activity. This is where we get the muscles and joints prepared for the types of movements we expect to perform in practice. Quidditch involves running, jumping, throwing, jostling, and for the more competitive players: tackling. We want all of our players able to play to the best of their ability.

Physical conditioning is where we work on pushing the limit of your endurance, speed, and power. We’ll take the first bit of time in these practices to complete a high-intensity workout with focus on the movements you’ll normally perform in a full game. Sprints, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and more can be expected from our workouts!

Drills are important to teach the basic skills of quidditch. Here, we want to focus on the little movements that you don’t think about when playing. These include throwing, catching, quick movements, defending, and for the more competitive players: how to make contact safely and effectively. These drills are usually baked into fun games that involve all of the positions.

Game scenarios are where we can focus more on the strategy of quidditch without the full-speed game going on. We can break down a play into its components and improve on our performance. These scenarios are one of our favorite focus areas of practice because the unique skills of each player start to really shine.

Scrimmages are our practice games where we work on what we’ve learned in our practices. Taking the skills from our drills and game scenarios, scrimmages are a great way to show off what you have learned. Often we will look to invite another Vancouver quidditch team to join us for a practice game for an extra bit of fun.

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