How do you fly?   Do you still have brooms?   How does the snitch work?

If you’ve read the books or seen the movies, you may be wondering how all of the “magic” happens in the quidditch you are familiar with. Well, the sport you are accustomed to has been translated into a sport that everyone can participate in! Quidditch is most similar to handball or rugby with a little bit of dodgeball and wrestling thrown in. At the recreational level, quidditch is limited contact: a bit of jostling and bumping but nothing crazy. At the competitive level, quidditch is full contact: tackling and bringing players to the ground.

Our friends at the University of British Columbia have a stellar Introduction to Quidditch video that goes into the basics of quidditch. If you want to see quidditch at a more high-octane level, we have a highlight reel of the US national tournament from 2015.

Want to try quidditch? Come join us at any one of our practices, they are open for everyone! Check out our Events page for upcoming practice times and locations. Let us know ahead of time that you’re coming by filling out our Contact form.

How To Play Quidditch

On the field at one time, each team will have: three chasers, two beaters, one keeper, and one seeker.

Chasers and keepers all play with one ball, called the quaffle. When the quaffle goes through either your or your opponent’s goal, the scoring team will earn 10 points. The ball can be moved around the field by running (like rugby) or passing (like handball). Only the chasers and keepers can touch the quaffle.

Beaters play with balls called bludgers. If any player gets hit with a bludger, they are removed from play must go back to their goal to return to play. There are three bludgers on the field for the beaters to use. Only the beaters can touch the bludgers.

Seekers do not play with any of the balls above. Instead, they try to catch the “snitch”. The snitch is small flag attached to the back of a referee who’s sole job is to keep the seekers away from them. When the snitch is caught, the game ends and the team that caught earns an extra 30 points.

After the snitch is caught, the team with the most points wins!